Are you buying into being powerless?

Bringing “power to the people” is something I’m truly passionate about.

Throughout my almost fifty years on earth, I’ve often wondered what the purpose of life is. 

I think that’s a human thing after all.  

In my 20s, I thought the purpose of life was to finish college, get my degree, move out. Checked all those boxes… and then some.

In my 30s, I wanted a family, a house in the “burbs”, the ability to travel, a group of friends I could laugh and go out with….. Again, I checked all those boxes.  

Life was so busy.  I didn’t have the time to dig much deeper.  I exercised and ate when I could.  I had a list of tasks for the day that I drove myself to complete.  I was so focused on accomplishments, tasks and goals.

I’m not sure if it was lack of time or lack of thought- or both- that led me to fall off the wagon.  

I woke up at about 38, looking in the mirror seeing a skeleton of my former self.  Circles under my eyes, bones poking through my clothes while saggy skin draped my belly, my butt, my arms…

And I thought , “well, this be what happens when you have six kids”

And I quickly started chasing something else- the quick fix, the fad diets, the ultimate weight loss, the cardio fat burner, the race to the moon…  

You probably know this list really well.

Because for YEARS and YEARS the quick fixes worked.  We either bought into the quick fixes by buying shake diets, diet pills, gym memberships, pre -packaged food, race entries…. OR we told ourselves to just give up the race.  Stop the fight.  Bury ourselves in being needed some more.  And we switched the focus.

I love to tell my clients the story of my dad, who had eight kids and was the most BRILLIANT engineer we’d ever known.  My dad designed the plumbing and fire protection systems for the World Trade Center, The Sears Tower and numerous high rises all over the world.  But ask him to fix a toilet in our house, and he’d rig it with some quick fix.  The flood would eventually come.  And now, instead of just a plumber, we’d need a whole reconstruction and painting crew.

The “quick fix” ended up being a long road that ended up costing a lot of money.

And it’s not because he didn’t know WHAT to do.  It’s just because he bought in, hoping and praying that this time, it would work.

Desperate times ALWAYS call for desperate measures.


So, let’s pull this back to our fitness and weight loss journey.

What I teach my clients isn’t “new” information.  It’s educated information.  

It requires an effort in output and an effort in input.  

This philosophy teaches you how to gauge your OWN body.  When your input is not in balance with your output, one of those systems has to compromise. (This is where most companies insert their quick fix)

 The diet companies want you to believe that sitting on the couch and eating less calories is where your power lies.  The fitness companies want you to believe that if you kill yourself hard enough, you can eat whatver you want.  After all, they’ll say, “you’re so powerful that you deserve to eat like a king or queen”

The real truth?

YOU HAVE CHOICES. That’s where your POWER lies.  

You choose what output (exercise) feels good.  You fuel your body accordingly.  You get more energy and the weight comes off.  My clients don’t lie. 90 days. Transformations. Weight loss.

Results that STICK.



My clients have been working at this for a while now.  They don’t beat themselves up when they have a bad day, a bad week or a bad month.  They just reintroduce the plan, or revamp the plan to suit their current needs.   They have 24 hour access to me to revamp food plans, get recipes, change workouts, hear something motivational.

When was the last time you had a plan like that?

Do you want your power back? Do you want a stronger and leaner version of you in 90 days?

Power to the people,




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