About Nora


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My name is Nora.  I’m a 50 year old mom of six who knows that a dream body after age 40 is a direct result of living your dream life.

Yet, so many of you women believe you’ll start living when you lose that excess weight.

In your heart, you believe in that absolutely false law of “eat less, exercise more”…

So, you keep cutting calories.  You’re exhausted from your workouts.

Or, you’ve just given up altogether.

I’ve filmed an entire video on this very subject that I think you’ll love ❤️


You don’t have to starve yourself and kill yourself in the gym to finally lose that weight that’s been preventing you from living!

My 12 week Reinvention™️ program is designed specifically for women over 40 who:

  • want to tone up their sagging skin and unveil sleeker skin tone in those sleeveless shirts you’ve been avoiding
  • want to save money by writing their own custom program that avoids detoxes, shakes, fad diets and crazy workout programs forever to get you off the yo-yo train!
  • want to eat real food again– while dropping jean and dress sizes each month
  • want to get stronger mentally, physically and spiritually so that life’s chaos can’t threaten your progress anymore (and you won’t ever quit again)

Yes! I’d love more information on Reinvention™️ total body transformation!

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