An important tip before you embark on your fitness/ weight loss journey 🔥🏋️

“Just Wait”

Yesterday, I asked my social media audience what TWO WORDS they’d say to their younger selves.  The answers were awesome.  “Stay strong”.  “Trust instincts” . “Love Life” . “Trust yourself”.   I’d tell the old me “Just wait.” When I look back, I can’t believe all that i have accomplished and lived through to get to … Continue reading “Just Wait”


Are you buying into being powerless?

Bringing “power to the people” is something I’m truly passionate about. Throughout my almost fifty years on earth, I’ve often wondered what the purpose of life is.  I think that’s a human thing after all.   In my 20s, I thought the purpose of life was to finish college, get my degree, move out. Checked all … Continue reading Are you buying into being powerless?